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Fueling The Future

Petro Middle East Petroleum aims to become a leading provider of professional services to the oil and gas sector.

We already serve large global and domestic companies. We strive to provide high quality and customized services to meet our customers’ needs.

Our aim is to provide our customers with consistent, high-quality professional service, while at the same time improving the lives of those around us and their consumers, through inspiration and innovation, the highest quality and value. to create and promote the products and services of.

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Petro Middle East Petroleum

What We Do?

Petro Middle East Petroleum is a privately held energy trading company serving global markets through a network of subsidiaries and distributors in the Middle East.

Petro Middle East Petroleum, which operates primarily in Hamriyah Port Sharjah, UAE, aims to operate in the energy and marine sectors, with plans to establish subsidiaries around the world. An integrated oil and gas company based in the UAE.

Our commercial presence is supported by complementary infrastructure.
Currently a storage, distribution and marketing network with plans to move to rental in the near future. In all our physical operations, we aim to work with partners who share our commitment to high international operating standards. From vessels to pier storage, the infrastructure we rely on is subject to our due diligence process. As physical traders, we gain hands on experience of economic fundamentals as they play out on the ground.

By joining external partner’s visions and beliefs with ours, setting the bar high of improving country’s well-being and prosperity with high-quality products and services, for the advantage of its communities and future generations.

With an extensive know how of international and local relationship building in various sectors and regions across the globe, we have over the past years become determined on developing projects that would benefit and improve the country’s environmental status, commercial and infrastructural channels and systems, in which serves its community in progression towards knowledge, quality and success. Being innovative and result-driven, focused on achieving exceptional results in new emerging markets, we have a firm mindset of developing quality and knowledge with the beliefs of becoming second to none in products and services improving the lifestyles offered to each region. In other words, we build partnership with key business decision makers, in highly competitive environments that demands continues improvement.